A vision in pink and violet, an idea of romantic elegance is mixed with the joy of a union for this wedding’s floral design. A variety of flowers in pink and violet tones are accompanied by a carpet made of white flower petals. Beautiful flower arrangements of bouquets and custom pieces were also hand-crafted to perfection to further complement this joyous occasion.
A celebratory birthday lunch with a theme of ‘Spring Animal Fairytale’, a variety of contrasting colours are mixed into one, creating the most gorgeous colour palette. Tables of black bases are covered with silk-like fabric and bouquets of flowers of stunning vibrancy of colours. This is then complemented by the marvellous animal displays, transforming the venue into a forest found only in beautiful fairytales.
In celebrating the 50th anniversary of Gran Melia, we wanted the floral decorations to be grand but still graceful and complementary of the elegant white and gold decors of the venue. Exquisite bouquets of rich violet hues, along with the extravagant floral backdrops and pink roof flower designs are effortlessly consistent, enriching guests’ experience on the event.
A beautiful venue all by itself, we wanted to add an aura of modern elegance to brighten the baptism ceremony held at St. Stefanus Church. Enriching the church’s original ornaments of wooden carvings and chandeliers, we crafted the stunning flower arrangements of vivid colours for the overall baptism decor, which includes the altar and holy water vessels amongst many others.
For Jeremy & Diane’s wedding, we put a vibrant twist on a classic white wedding. White flower petals are elegantly crafted into a floral carpet while bright yellow chrysanthemums and roses were used as the main floral designs for the wedding car and chapel. Using white and yellow hues for the main palette, we perfectly captured the radiance of the couple’s special day.
For Angela’s Grecian themed birthday lunch celebration at GAIA restaurant in Jakarta, we put the spotlight on the adornments - going for a minimal table setting, vases of divine white floral arrangements and metallic-painted foliages are put center stage. Gold-glittered butterfly ornaments are then added to the decor to complete off an elegant Grecian palette of white, silver and gold.
A birthday dinner with ‘My Little Pony’ as the theme, chairs and tables are transformed into an elegant whimsical spectacle. Put inside large goblets are pink feathers, along with exquisite floral arrangements in shades of fuchsia and violet for the centrepieces. Mini 'little pony’ dolls are then placed for the finishing touch, turning the venue into a joyful visual feast for the host and guests alike.
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